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Media Advisory: Human Rights Group Staging Ohio Protest On Nov. 15 Over Denial of Due Process in Alahverdian Case

nicholas alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian

DAYTON, Ohio — Hundreds of Men’s Rights Activists from around the world are descending upon the Dayton Municipal Court on November 15, 2013 at 11:30 A.M. to protest a gross miscarriage of justice after a man was denied a jury trial, denied the opportunity to testify, the accuser admitted to perjury and a prosecutor withheld exculpatory evidence.

In January of 2008 at Sinclair Community College, following a consensual kiss with a fellow student, Nicholas Alahverdian was charged with sexual imposition and public indecency, as the accuser was informed that her then-boyfriend had been told they were seen together at lunch. The accuser’s statement, which she later testified was perjured, insisted that Alahverdian held her up against a wall in a hallway at the College and masturbated.

A Voice for Men (AVFM), the leader of the coalition fighting this lack of due process, is an online publication and organization devoted to promoting a culture that values equal treatment under the law for all human beings and pushing for an end to rape hysteria, domestic violence hysteria and false allegations.

Nicholas Alahverdian, now notable for his work reforming the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth, and Families, was educated at Harvard University and is on leave until the Ohio charges are resolved.

Evidence that has been examined by the AVFM Judicial Accountability Committee has led to the determination that the conviction is egregiously suspect. Notwithstanding the review of that evidence, Alahverdian’s civil rights were violated in multiple unconstitutional and inexcusable ways by the Dayton Municipal Court.

The primary parties to blame are a questionable accuser (Mary J. Grebinski), a corrupt police officer who was fired by the Dayton Police Department (Kenneth Quatman), a prosecutor who withheld vital information in violation of U.S. Supreme Court precedent Brady v. Maryland, and a careless judge (Carl Henderson) who allowed multiple legal iniquities to occur in his courtroom, among them, telling Alahverdian to “shut up” when he tried to fire his public defender and demand that his timely-filed request for a jury trial be honored.

Grebinski’s credibility is undermined by a minimum of 24 glaring inconsistencies in her testimony. The police officer, Kenneth Quatman, had already been fired from the Dayton, Ohio Police Department but was later hired by the Sinclair Community College Police. Quatman had a burdensome record of dishonesty on the job. His testimony against Alahverdian was nothing more than parroting statements made by Grebinski to him.

Judge Carl S. Henderson refused Alahverdian the right to a jury trial, refused to let him testify in his own behalf, refused to let him fire his public defender, and unilaterally convicted him with no forensic evidence whatsoever, leaving him to be placed on a sex offender registry for 15 years.

Alahverdian and his attorney Eric J. Allen of Columbus will be filing a motion for a new criminal trial based on a structural error. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled in State v. Williams that sex offender registration statutes are punitive and therefore the charges are serious, not petty, and warrant a trial by jury. This Ohio Supreme Court decision is retroactively applicable since Alahverdian’s case was pending on appeal.

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02 SEPTEMBER 2013 UPDATE: A November 1994 Dayton Daily News article detailed even more of Quatman’s questionable behavior and misconduct in a series entitled “Civil Disservice.”

Here are some excerpts from the report:

kenneth m quatman police officer

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“Kenneth M. Quatman said he hung out with drug dealers and, when younger, twice acted as lookout when his girlfriend stole money from purses at parties. [He] disclosed this information during background interviews required of Dayton police applicants. The police review board was alarmed and recommended none of the three be hired, police personnel records show. But the three [other officers, including Quatman] became Dayton police officers anyway.”

“Dayton police rejected Kenneth M. Quatman in September 1991. Quatman told police interviewers he had used marijuana 50 times. He said he has also used cocaine, hallucinogenic mushrooms and opium.”

kenneth quatman dayton ohio

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“Quatman, 25, said he still had friends who used marijuana and three close friends who sold it. Twice when younger, Quatman said, he acted as lookout while his girlfriend stole from purses. Quatman was hired in December 1991. He didn’t know he had initially been rejected until his supervisor told him a week before a reporter contacted him about this story.”

kenneth quatman police arrest corruption dayton ohio

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“Assigned to the Second District, Quatman was cleared of allegations he used excessive force in two separate incidents – an August 1992 arrest of a mental patient having a violent insulin reaction and the July 1994 arrest of a man who admitted resisting arrest for a domestic disturbance. He’s also been suspended and received a reprimand for being involved in two preventable accidents.”


DAYTON, Oh. — An appellate court document has been found to substantiate Kenneth Quatman’s firing from the Dayton Police Department.

Kenneth Quatman, the only person and only individual other than Nicholas Alahverdian’s accuser to testify during the bench trial, was fired as a police officer in 2004 for a pattern of dishonesty and lying. Under the United States Supreme Court Decision Brady v. Washington, the Dayton Prosecutor’s Office was required to disclose the information regarding Quatman’s firing – but they did not do so and Alahverdian found it on his own. Quatman was later hired by the Sinclair Police Department and fabricated a confession by Alahverdian in 2008.

Quatman fabricated a confession from Alahverdian in relation to the false allegations. He refused to take a written statement from Alahverdian and also did not record or otherwise document a confession. Because Alahverdian is innocent, no evidence of a crime exists, and no evidence of a confession by Alahverdian has ever been presented to the court. Alahverdian is currently challenging this cacophony of unconstitutional actions in a lawsuit in United States District Court.

Kenneth Quatman

Nicholas Alahverdian

Nicholas Alahverdian

“This simply corroborates what my steadfast position has been – I am innocent,” Alahverdian said. “The Dayton prosecutors who handled this case were mandated to release this information under the Brady decision because it was probative of Quatman’s credibility and integrity as a government witness. Deirdre Logan, Stephanie Cook, and Andrew Sexton demonstrated a complete disregard for the highest court in our nation and this exhibits their consistent pattern of acting in a fashion that is detrimental to ensuring that the rights of the accused are protected.”

Alahverdian was denied a jury trial and was also denied the right to testify in his own defense. Each time he tried to speak in open court during the bench trial, Dayton Municipal Court Judge Carl S. Henderson would tell him to “shut up.”

kenneth m quatman ken quatman dayton police cop fired

Fired Police Officer Kenneth M. Quatman

Alahverdian was convicted solely based on the testimony of the accuser (which she later admitted contained lies during the bench trial) and the testimony of Sinclair police officer Quatman. No evidence was found of any attack. This conviction violated Ohio Revised Code 2907.06 because it requires “corroborating evidence other than the alleged victim’s own testimony.”

Alahverdian was also never read his Miranda rights or told he was under arrest.

Attorney Eric J. Allen of Columbus has said that he will file a habeas corpus action to challenge this unconstitutional behavior in both the Ohio Supreme Court and the United States District Court before the close of business on Friday.

nicholas alahverdian

Nicholas Edward Alahverdian